Mr. House
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Mr. Frank C. House
Superintendent of Schools

Welcome to the Thousand Islands School District. Congratulations to the Thousand Islands High School for being named one of the top 500 high schools in the United States by Newsweek.  We are number 296 in ranking.   The url is

Please visit our school website at I am excited to have you discover and visit us via the website.  You will discover that our school district offers a wide variety of educational programs and extra-curricular opportunities and activities.  The Thousand Islands Central School District assures that all students acquire knowledge and develop skills and work habits which will enable them to become productive members of society.   This mission is best accomplished when school personnel have high expectations for all students, create a safe and orderly school environment, monitor student progress on a frequent basis, and promote effective home-school communication.  It must be understood that strong instructional leadership is a key element in accomplishing this mission.
All employees of the district whether they are instructional or not are concerned about the health and safety of the students and staff in the district.  The goal is to provide the safest school environment for everyone as possible.  We want our students and staff to feel and be safe while in school and on buses, to be in a clean environment, and to have healthy and nutritious meals.  We want our schools to be bully and harassment free.  We are adding several new anti-bullying and suicide prevention programs in the school this year including Olweus and Sources of Strength.  We are also bringing in programs for students and community members regarding bullying and suicide.   A parent presentation on Ryans’s Story will be at the Thousand Islands Middle/High School Auditorium on Monday, November 3, 2014 starting at 6:30 pm.
If you are interested in receiving your child’s 2012-2013 teacher’s Annual Professional Performance Review score, please contact me, Frank House, at or 315.686.5594 or 315.654.2144 ext. 1000.
I consider it a tremendous privilege to be the Superintendent. We have wonderful students, supportive parents, and a fantastic staff who are interested in doing what is best for the students of this district. We also have a very supportive school board who share the vision of making it possible for every student to have a first-class education. Please feel free to share your feedback on any concerns or comments you may have. I may be reached at 315-686-5594 extension 1000 or


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