Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for maintaining the buildings and grounds of Guardino Elementary, Cape Vincent Elementary, Middle/High School, all of the playgrounds and athletic fields.

Director of Facilities

Mr. Kenny Garnsey
315-686-5521 x1800

District Mechanics
Mr. Shannon Fox
Mr. Tom Docteur
Mr. Tom Thayer

Senior Custodian
Middle/High School
Mr. Allen Clark
315.686.5578 x5009

Senior Custodian
Guardino Elementary
Mr. Rick Bourcy
315.686.5578 x3009

Senior Custodian
Cape Vincent Elementary
Mr. Alger Knight
315.654.2142 x2009

Custodial / Cleaners
Mrs. Cindy Youngs
Mr. Patrick Tarver
Mr. Timothy Reff
Mr. Robert Rivers
Mrs. Barb Schafer


Mrs. Stacy Natali
Mr. Curtis Harvey
Mr. Thomas Mynch

Custodial / Cleaner
Mr. Kyle Bond