Board of Education

The following community members are presently serving on the Thousand Islands Central School District's Board of Education. Officers and position held are noted after the name. The date each term of office expires is also listed. For information about the Board of Education, please contact the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Michael Bashaw at or 315.686.5594 ext.1000

Treasurer: Angela Picunas

Deputy Treasurer: Leha hoyecki

Tax Collector: Karen Bourcy


School Physician: Samaritan Family Health Center's Medical Doctors

Official Newspaper: Thousand Islands Sun

To email the board of education please message the following group email:

Mr. Mason President

Mrs. Delaney VP

Ms. Bach

Ms. Churchill

Mr. Cherchio

Mrs. Delaney

Mr. Swenson

Ms. Roes

Mr. Ward

Mr. Wiley













The voters of the district elect each of the nine members of the Thousand Islands Central School District Board of Education. Board members serve for three year terms without pay and are responsible under state law for establishing the policies governing the operation of the Thousand Islands Central School District.

Regular meetings of the Board of Education are held on the third Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise noted) beginning at 6:00 pm at the High School Library. The Board provides opportunities for members of the community to speak during the public forum at the beginning of the meeting. Residents may address the board by making statements, requesting information or presenting particular viewpoints. The public is invited to attend all meetings of the Board on those dates listed on the calendar.

Three functional activities are recognized in respect to the Board of Education's administering public education within the District.


Policy making is that function which determines what shall be done, establishes procedures for accomplishing the tasks, selects an executive officer, and delegates to him the placing of plans and policies into operation and provides financial means for their achievement.


The executive is that function which is concerned with placing into operation the plans and policies, keeping the Board of Education informed, and furnishing creative leadership to the Board and to the profession. The executive functions shall be completely delegated to the Superintendent of Schools who is selected by the Board of Education.


Appraisal is that function which attempts by careful examination and study of the facts and conditions to determine the efficiency of operation of the general activities, and the worth and value of the results of the activities in relation to the efficiency and value of construction.
The Thousand Islands Board of Education reserves to itself the appraisal and policy-making functions.


  • To encourage the development and improvement of the educational program of the Thousand Islands Central School.
  • To appoint a Superintendent of Schools.
  • To adopt an annual budget and present it to the public for approval.
  • To employ qualified personnel for staffing the school system in accordance with selection procedures adopted by the Board.
  • To provide and maintain an educationally efficient and adequate physical plant.
  • To secure financial resources sufficient to meet the needs of the system and accept gifts and bequests.
  • To maintain active relationships between the community and the school system and to interpret to the public the needs and progress of the public school, and to in turn interpret the wishes of the community to the school administration.
  • To observe and enforce all applicable provisions of the constitution and statutes of the State of New York and all rules, regulations and directives of the State Board of Education and of the State Department of Education.
  • To sue or defend itself in suits at law.
  • To consider the recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools under state regulations.
  • To formulate such rules and regulations for the Thousand Islands Central School as are not inconsistent with law or regulations of the State Board of Education.

From Policy Manual of Thousand Islands Central Board of Education

Board of Education decisions affect the education of all our children as well as the well being of our communities. The board can better represent the constituents when members of the community take the time to observe the board in action, ask questions and express opinions. The board is pleased to have residents at the meetings and encourages participation.