Riding Privileges

Riding is a privilege that may be suspended or denied upon violation of these regulations:

  • Be prompt as bus drivers cannot wait.
  • Enter and leave the bus in an orderly fashion.
  • Face front when the bus is in motion and do not leave your seat.
  • Take your assigned bus only and sit as directed by the driver.
  • Do not throw papers out the bus windows.
  • Keep your arms, hands, and head inside the bus.
  • Do not use indecent or profane language.
  • Do not carry potentially dangerous objects when riding the bus. The carrying of potentially harmful items is prohibited in the interest of safety.
  • No smoking or tobacco products allowed.
  • Get on and off the bus at the assigned place only.
  • Stay away from the bus until it is stopped.
  • Visit with your fellow students in a reasonable manner. Keep voices down.
  • Carry your books or musical instruments on your lap.
  • Students may not ride on a bus not assigned to them without a pass from the office.
  • Unauthorized persons are not to ride school buses.
  • Follow bus driver's instructions at all times.
  • Cross streets only in front of buses while stopped to load or unload observing the ten-foot crossing rule.
Parents are asked to continue to assist the school in assuring a safe ride to and from the building by reviewing these rules with their children.